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Services for Marketing Industry

Product promotion, brand awareness, exhibition design and marketing campaigns are where creative thinking and polystyrene go hand in hand. Why not explore the possiblities of polystyrene and discover the benefits of its usage.

Marketing Services

Polystyrene also known as Styrofoam is lightweight, easily shaped, cost-effective and has virtually no limit on size, so you can 'think big' when you use this material.


3D Signs

Signs are a popular way to draw attention to a promotion or to direct people to an event, so creating large-scale 3D signage will always generate maximum interest. The added bonus, is that our signs weigh very little and are easily handled, which makes for an exciting photo shoot. We created these scaled-up letters from artwork supplied by TV3, so these stars from the TV programme, "ExposÚ", could make very light work of this photo call.

Brand Recognition

3D Signs

Brands stimulate the mind and the senses, so what better way to attract a customer than to super-size those sensations? Whether its a giant mobile phone or a huge washing machine, anything is possible. In this example, we replicated the shape of a NestlÚ KitKat chocolate bar, then wrapped the polystyrene foam duplicate with printed vinyl, using the actual wrapper artwork to a size which made our mouths water.


3D Signs

Creative and striking promotions are what many marketing professionals strive to create. They can now consider using EPS (expanded polystyrene foam) to appeal to their audience with products that are both innovative, and appealing. Arnotts department store, on Henry Street in Dublin, commissioned this unique eye-catching snowman, sculpted from solid blocks of EPS, to engage customers in their seasonal Christmas display.

Point of Sale

3D Signs

Point of sale (POS), whether it's at a supermarket check-out or a convenience store till, gives merchandisers an opportunity to promote an impulse buy or re-inforce a brand identity. Whether it's a short-term in-store promotion or a permanent branded fixture, polystyrene can be used. This floor-mounted coffee table, finished with a durable fibreglass coating, can withstand the caffeine-fuelled coffee shop's highs and lows.