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Services for Architects & Marketeers

We offer design, marketing and engineering professionals the opportunity to explore new concepts with polystyrene foam. We aim to produce high-quality, cost-effective items that are faithful to the design, within your time restraints.

Architectural Services

Walk In Showers

Polystyrene is a material that is well proven in the construction and architectural industries. Its range of properties makes the material very well suited to a wide range of applications. These include walk-in showers, landscape seating, spa and pool features, garden planters, void formers, OEM parts and much more.

Architecture solutions

Marketing Services

3D Signs

Creating memorable and effective advertising campaigns with a "WOW factor" - whether large or small, indoor or outdoor - is easily achieved by using polystyrene foam. Examples of its uses include point-of-sale displays, 3D signage, scaled promotional and photo props, seasonal displays and others, limited only by your imagination.

Marketing solutions