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Features & Benefits

The properties of polystyrene foam allow it to be used as an insulator, for flotation devices and as a packaging material. It is also durable, lightweight and recyclable, to name but a few of its properties.

Lightweight & Portable

Being lightweight and portable means that foundations or additional support structures aren't necessary for certain projects, using polystyrene. It is also easily handled and is inexpensive to transport making it suitable for outdoor signage and custom packaging.

Fast Turnaround

Projects can be processed quickly from initial idea to delivery, in a fraction of the time it would take, using other materials like wood, stone or metal. Once a design and payment details are agreed, we can transfer the files to our CNC cutting machines and into production. Therefore, no moulds or jigs are required.


For when you need life to be just a little larger or smaller than in reality. There is virtually no limit to size or shape we can create for you.

Versatility of Material

Polystyrene foam can be quickly cut, shaped, sculpted and coated to make your special design. The material is extremely versatile, so now, curved walls and other irregular shapes are possible. All designs are precision-cut using the latest computer controlled CNC equipment. We are constantly sourcing new coating and finishing materials.

Cost Effective

Polystyrene foam can act as an economic alternative where the sheer scale, time or materials involved otherwise would make a project infeasible.


Any waste produced during the manufacturing process is sent to be recycled which is, then, used to produce new blocks of polystyrene foam.