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October 31, 2010 – 10:41 pm

Raising the bar

- Posted in Extended Portfolio, Polystyrene Uses, Videos by Fran

An unconventional Stage setup for The 2010 Irish Web Awards

I think that we do quirky, unusual and eye-catching quite well with the 3D designs and props that we create for the marketing and advertising industries.
But yes, you can always learn more. You can improve systems and fine-tune techniques, but sometimes you need to step further away, take a wider view, and maybe do things that are a little different from the norm. We were given this opportunity quite recently.

We supplied signage, props and give-aways to the 2010 Irish Web Awards. The event was held in the historic Mansion House in Dublin City and was sponsored again this year by Realex Payments. The ceremony has grown significantly in stature, both in the number of awards being made: 28 industry categories, and in the number of people attending: 500+.

Lisa Domican and Vinny Coyne. Joint winners of Best Mobile Application

As award ceremonies go, it is informal, but it certainly has its own unique style. The stage had the look of a 70′s living room with a social media twist: instead of having the ubiquitous flying duck wall ornaments, we had three fat twitter birds. The assembling crowd were greeted by the sounds of a traditional brass band followed by compère Rick O’Shea, of  2fm fame, who seemed to enjoy firing items at the crowd, using a gun of all things.
We were pleased to see an emotional Lisa Domican collect a replica iPhone prop that we had created for the Best Mobile Application category; she was a joint winner alongside Vinny Coyne. But we were a little bemused when two members of the audience volunteered to try to fit on a morph suit each.
You just wouldn’t know what to expect next… an Ice Cream van serving 99′s to those who went outside and, for those who stayed indoors, a sweet cart loaded with jars of bon-bons, fudge, chocolate mice etc and some delicious cupcakes. These were some of the surprises that were provided but, apparently we missed out on the giant game of  Snakes & Ladders, because it didn’t arrive on time.
If you need to be convinced of how quirky and different the Irish Web Awards really are, take a look at the video and see for yourself. Keep an eye out for our giant Styrofoam ‘W’s and ‘Toxic Bank’ prop.
But do let us know if you have been to another awards event that was a little different from the ‘norm’.

Images by Ryan Whalley
Video by Present Tense Productions