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January 22, 2011 – 6:55 pm

Making the News

- Posted in Extended Portfolio, Marketing related by Fran

We can make two million Euro before lunch quite easily.

We love that we are asked to create some pretty cool props and 3D signs. We like the way we can make a couple of million Euro before lunchtime, very handy when our country is in recession, but it isn’t much use when it’s made from polystyrene. We like that we’ve tried making Time even though we never managed to save any of it, but one thing we haven’t made is the ‘news’. We’re not overly concerned because our clients do that for us.

It’s not difficult to find websites or business forums that can give you advice on getting ‘your name in the paper’. Larger companies and organisations can employ media agencies to take care of all the details, but it is also possible for a small businesses or enterprises to achieve that goal. In our experience, an interesting article is about having good content that’s professionally written. The stories usually follow the familiar format of  Who?, What?, Where? When? and How? Assuming that you have your press release edited and prepared, you still have no guarantee that you’ll see it in print, but what will help is having an eye-catching image to accompany the story.

Bord Bia's "Performance and Prospects Report" newspaper article via The Irish Independent

Most professional photographers are very good at their trade, but it helps if you give them something to work with. An attractive model can help promote certain products but they are not always suitable or appropriate. What you need is an eye-catching prop or a 3d sign. That’s where we can help.

Bord Bia had a ‘good news’ story in the form of a “Performance and Prospects Report” which outlined that the  Irish food and drink sector was a major contributor to the economy’s strong export performance in 2010. This important news was covered by all sectors of the media at Bord Bia’s headquarters, who used giant painted polystyrene blocks with 3D text to convey key points of the report in a striking and colourful way. The image used in the Irish Independent dominates the page and draws the reader to the story.

Jacqueline McGonigle and her URL sign via The Belfast Telegraph

Press coverage isn’t the sole domain of large businesses and corporations. It’s equally important to smaller companies and organisations to make their brand more recognisable and to get their news out into the media. Jacqueline McGonigle, owner of, a website where individuals and event organisers can promote their Northern Ireland-based events free of charge, used a lightweight 3D styrofoam URL sign to promote their brand in the Belfast Telegraph feature.
The excellent image is the focal point of the page, attracting your eye to the brand and the article.

So, if you’re making news in your particular business or commercial sector and you want to share it with the world, consider creating an eye-catching picture using a 3d sign or prop and we’ll make the news happen for you.

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  1. Zoey L.

    Posted November 9, 2011 at 3:41 pm | Permalink

    I will be checking this too on Tweeter but anyway thanks and congrats, it seemed work to you.

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