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July 7, 2009 – 10:16 pm

Making it Big

- Posted in Extended Portfolio, Marketing related, Polystyrene Uses by Fran

Qikroam sim card launch in San Francisco

Qikroam sim card launch in San Francisco

This article has been gathering dust in my draft folder for a number of months. It was getting to the stage where I was going to delete the story as some missing parts never materialised… Well they did today, only 3 months late and on the wrong side of the world.

Mr Pat Phelan, from Cubic Telecom, asked us to produce some giant sim cards to be used at a high profile launch in San Francisco, with their partner Qik and their new product Qikroam.
Qik, is an application that allows you to share live video from your mobile phone. The partnership with Qik, gives users the opportunity to purchase Qikroam sim cards, to use in mobile phones all over the world, without worrying about expensive roaming charges.
Luckily, we had made a smaller version of the sim card that arrived in time. Unfortunately, it didn’t have the visual impact that we had both hoped for, particularly as the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Mary Coughlan and other Enterprise Ireland officials were in attendance at the launch event.
The courier company had “lost” the giant sim cards in transit, somewhere in the USA. We started to think they must have been in the bermuda triangle.

Giant Maxroam and Qik mobile phone sim cards.

Giant Qik and Maxroam sim cards.

They miraculously re-appeared today in Cork, at Cubic Telecom headquarters. The big polystyrene sims don’t look the worse for wear considering their prolonged journey across the world. (Our packaging technique must be working OK). All they have to do is find a new use for them.

We are glad that Qik and Cubic Telecom continue to make it big with the popularity of their Qikroam sim cards. We hope that the courier company doesn’t continue in making big mistakes with it’s deliveries and that we continue to make it big in polystyrene, whether it’s a sign, a seat or a sim.

If you have any suggestions for Pat, and his team, on how the sims can be used please leave a comment.

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  1. paul

    Posted July 14, 2009 at 2:41 pm | Permalink

    Wow, they are big ! Maybe you could get someone to float on them down the Lee ? Or drag them behind some boat. Failing that you could attach a few balloons to them and do some guerilla marketing at some sports event.


  2. Fran

    Posted July 14, 2009 at 7:10 pm | Permalink

    Hi Paul. thanks for the comment.

    Judging by the amount of rain we have have recently, Pat may need them as a raft and not in the River Lee. ;-)