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September 22, 2009 – 9:14 pm

Koni Kats are World class.

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Koni Kats team (in black) F1 in Schools World Champions 2009

Koni Kats team (in black) with Minister Batt O'Keefe

We recently created a 3D sign made from Styrofoam for the media launch of the new  F1-in-schools 2010 season. The event, held at the beginning of September, was officiated by Minister for Education & Science, Batt O’Keeffe.

“F1 in Schools” is a competition for secondary schools to design and manufacture compressed air-powered racing cars. Student teams compete against each other to determine the best-engineered and fastest car in Ireland. The National champions then go forward to enter into the World Championship, to compete against over 30 teams from around the globe.

Koni Kats F1 in schools world champions

Koni Kats 'F1 in Schools' World Champions

We are delighted to hear that the Koni Kats Team from St. David’s Secondary School in Greystones, County Wicklow took the top honours at the fifth Formula One in Schools Technology Challenge World Championships held last week, in London. At a glittering awards ceremony attended by Lewis Hamilton and VIP guests from the world of Formula One, the talented students were presented with the Bernie Ecclestone World Championship Trophy, and coveted Automotive and Motorsport Engineering scholarships to City University London. Hamilton, the current F1 champion, presented the Koni Kats with the Best Engineered Car award, which was supported by his F1 team, McLaren Mercedes, and went on to praise the Irish team for their high level of engineering.

Ferrari F1 cars cut from polystyrene

Ferrari F1 cars cut from polystyrene

In a blog post earlier in the year, I stated that “Ireland wouldn’t be instantly recognised as a hotbed of world class motor racing talent”. However, with the continued winning performances of Eugene Laverty, lying 2nd in the World Supersport motorcycle championship; Adam Carroll, winning the A1GP 2009 championship, and now the Koni Kats being crowned world champions too, I will have to revise that statement.

There is a possibility that the  Koni Kats team could give me a few tips on how to engineer some improvements to our Styrofoam Ferrari’s, but I have a feeling that they could be heading for a career working on the real Formula 1 Ferrari’s and not a 2-meter Styrofoam replica.