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2010 sign in 3D polystyrene foam

A twenty ten sign for 2010 in 3D foam

A little late maybe, but a Happy New Year to you and I hope it is a healthy and happy one for you. This is the first post of the year and of the decade. Hopefully we will be here for the next decade and a few more after it.
Christmas and New Year was a quiet family time, like so many others. This gave us the opportunity to look forward to the coming year and work on some new ideas, having just updated our portfolio with images from previous projects. One of the smaller ideas being to design and cut a sign to bring in the new decade. This made me think: What is it going to be: “Two Thousand and Ten” or “Twenty-Ten”. The decision was quick, as “Twenty-Ten” flows so much better than the alternative (hence the sign). There was some interesting commentary about it by NAGG (National Association of Good Grammar), a name that insists that it will be correct, on Krishna De’s blog.

Our @madeinhollywood Twitter bird and off spring

Our @madeinhollywood Twitter bird and off spring

Another sign that we created was a large 3D twitter bird sign with our address. We use twitter, a social media micro-blogging service, to interact with clients and friends about new projects or anything interesting to do with polystyrene or motorsport (there are a few petrol heads around here). If you use twitter you can follow us @madeinhollywood.
We are also going to communicate with existing clients and customers using a Newsletter that we intend to launch in the coming month. If you haven’t subscribed, please use the sign-up box (on the right-hand side), as we will be offering a prize in the first issue. We will be keeping you posted on new projects, competitions, offers, and  occasionally giving away free stuff. Yes, free stuff! It does happen from time to time! Polystyrene snowflakes were our last give-away, you can read all about it from SimplyZesty.

3D layered "Good News Friday" polystyrene sign

3D layered "Good News Friday" polystyrene sign with Jack Murray from

Some of our other thinking was about keeping positive in the cold winter days, when all we seem to hear is bad or depressing news. So we were delighted when Jack Murray from Mediacontact, who are Ireland’s leading publishers of media contact information, asked us to design and create a sign for Mediaexpress, which is part of the group. The sign was used for a press launch of  “Good News Friday” which is an idea to harness the power of positive thinking to counteract the current gloom. With the country in the midst of a recession, many positive news stories are completely ignored because there is so much bad news about. So for one day only, Friday 22nd January, are going to distribute thousands of news releases for free from Irish businesses, organisations and charities, with just one catch: all the releases must be about something positive.
This is an excellent initiative by Jack and his staff and we wish them the best of luck with the “Good News Friday” promotion. You will also see the sign we made in the video below and you can follow the campaign on twitter by following Mediacontact or use #gnf.