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May 24, 2010 – 8:23 pm

iFoam Football

- Posted in Competitons, Polystyrene Uses, Sport related, Videos by Fran

With the World cup fast approaching, there will be many Irish football fans wondering what they can do to pass the time after their dreams of a World Cup trip to South Africa were scuppered by the hand of  Thierry Henry (boo, hiss).

Yes, they will watch the world cup matches and wonder whether they should cheer on the players they support year round when they are wearing an English shirt. But the real dilemma is going to be when the French football team play: What should they do? How will they kill the time?

Well, I have a suggestion: Play iFoam football.
All you need is 2  iPhones, a sheet of paper and a piece of polystyrene.
The rules are quite simple: You make them up as you go along, and you continue to play ’til you get the result you want, or until the battery in your iPhone is dead.
It’s recommend that you keep windows and doors closed as this might make it difficult to keep the ball on the pitch.
And if you’re very organised, you could play your own World Cup tournament, but just make sure that France doesn’t win.