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September 13, 2009 – 10:27 pm

Home for a mobile phone

- Posted in Extended Portfolio, Marketing related, Polystyrene Uses, Recycling by Fran

When you thought mobile phones were getting smaller

When you thought mobile phones were getting smaller

In April, we created this Samsung Tocco Ultra mobile phone replica for our client, Kick Communications, for the launch of this model onto the Irish market. The launch and subsequent media coverage proved to be very successful but it left the giant cell phone taking up space in their Donnybrook offices. We were pleased to be able to give this phone a new home in what will be a new showroom above our workshop.
With so many new mobile phone models appearing almost on a weekly basis, the task of responsibly disposing of them has become an important issue. This super-sized phone is being recycled, but many others will just lie in an old box in a garage or in that bottom drawer where everything is put and nothing can be found. Now is the time to dig them out and help your child, if they are still at school.

The Jack & Jill Foundation, through its partner Promethean, have launched a campaign where they are asking schools to swap 300 old mobile phones for a new interactive whiteboard and to raise much-needed funds for home nursing care for sick children in the process.

An Apple Iphone that's not quite so mobile

An Apple Iphone that's not quite so mobile

Interactive whiteboards enable anything that can be seen or done on a computer screen to be projected onto a whiteboard, but it can still used as a conventional whiteboard with a wireless pen that writes like any marker pen.
My wife is a primary school teacher and has been lucky enough to have used this innovative technology for the past year. It has proved to be an invaluable tool for engaging students with vivid images, video and music, making the learning process more enjoyable.
So, if you have an old cell phone that is hiding away, let your school know of this offer or, if you’re in the Cork area, donate it to Gordon’s appeal. But whatever you do, try to give it a new home where it can do some good.

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  1. Gordon Murray

    Posted September 14, 2009 at 7:19 am | Permalink

    Hi Fran,

    Thanks for mentioning the appeal in your post. Its going very well so far, family and friends are helping a lot, we have nearly 100 phones already.


  2. Fran

    Posted September 14, 2009 at 10:18 am | Permalink

    Thanks Gordon for the comment.
    I’m delighted that your appeal is going so well in such a short period of time. It just shows how many phones that people have that are just lying around. I hope you reach the 300 target soon.