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March 11, 2009 – 6:40 pm

Gone to the races

- Posted in Extended Portfolio, Polystyrene Uses by Fran

Horseware Products Trade Stand

A section from the Horseware Products Trade Stand at BETA 2009

No, we haven’t gone to Cheltenham this week, as we prefer the spinning of wheels to the gallop of hooves in the racing that we watch (we also prefer more than 1 horsepower). That isn’t to say we don’t have an interest in horses – we do, but it’s more in what they wear. Let me explain…

Horseware Ireland is a company that is based in Dundalk and is a world leader in the design and manufacture of horse blankets and equestrian clothing. They employ a policy ofInnovation not Imitation’, which is applied to both their horse blanket and clothing ranges. This policy has helped them to develop a space-saving range of “mini rugs”, which replicate the design features found on their full size blankets, for use at trade shows and retail outlets worldwide.
We were asked to create and develop a “dog”, a nickname given to the former on which the mini rugs are displayed. We then produced full scale prototypes for testing and evaluation until a design was agreed. Their benefits are that they are lightweight to allow for easier shipping and handling, contoured to match the shape of the rug, adaptable so that changes can be quickly implemented and cost-effective compared to other materials.

Horseware Ireland "Mini rug" on a polystyrene display former.

Horseware Ireland "Rambo Mini rug" on a polystyrene display former.

We have continued to work with Horseware Ireland to evolve the design to meet their new requirements. The latest version was utilised at BETA International 2009 , the world’s foremost equestrian and country trade exhibition, where their products  won three awards. Two of these were for Innovation Awards.

Using polystyrene foam to display their rugs is also innovative within the industry, but it is a material that is well matched to this unique application and is equally suitable to other areas of industry where practical and creative solutions are sought.

So if you are lucky enough to be at the races in Cheltenham, keep your eyes open in the paddock, as the best dressed fillies, could be wearing innovative designs originating in Dundalk, the “Horse wear” fashion capital.