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December 3, 2009 – 7:12 pm

Driving on solid… styrofoam?

- Posted in Polystyrene Uses, Videos by Fran

You take it for granted that, while you are travelling along a road, you are on solid ground. In most cases, you are, but what do the road engineers do when they have to build a road on soft or boggy ground?
In years gone by, they may have attempted to dig out the soft ground and replace it with a heavy stone filling, and then tarmacadam the surface, only for the road to subside again.
Civil engineers, surveyors and architects do have a number of options when faced with this type of problem. One of them is to use expanded polystyrene foam (EPS), also known as Styrofoam. EPS is a lightweight and stable fill replacement material that can be used in road embankments, under runways and railways, and for creating inclines for seating in cinemas and grandstands. It is easy to transport, quick to install, and is inexpensive when compared to traditional foundation or fill materials.
The video below shows how they have used high density styrofoam to solve a number of engineering issues during the construction of a new road. This is the same Styrofoam that may insulate the walls of your home, or hold your coffee on your way to work, or protect your new LCD television when it is being shipped to you.

Nobody can ever say that polystyrene foam isn’t anything but versatile; to see examples how we have used it, please have a look at our portfolio.
Maybe it is just as well that we don’t drive directly on the polystyrene, as the squeaking noise would send us round the bend.
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