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July 2, 2009 – 10:59 pm

Coffee to go

- Posted in Art & Sculpture, Extended Portfolio, Marketing related, Polystyrene Uses by Fran

Giant sized coffee cup table

Giant sized coffee cup table

This is going to be a caffeine fuelled post and it’s not because I’ve been drinking espresso’s all afternoon. I am going to try and write about three coffee related items and show how they are linked to polystyrene.
That would be enough to drive anyone to coffee, so we might as well make it a large one… and we have.
Well, it’s more of a coffee table, shaped to replicate a disposable cup, I could never drink that much coffee in one go. The table is designed for use in a variety of retail locations including coffee bars and deli outlets. Using printed vinyl, it can be customised or branded to match the coffee supplier or the store decor. It is made from polystyrene foam, but it has a fibre-glass coating to make it durable and easy to clean. We even have a half a cup option, this allows the semi circular table to be fitted against a wall in areas where floorspace is at a premium.
However, we always prefer full cups for our coffee but definitely not cracked or chipped.

Custom mug packaging with difference. Image via

Custom mug packaging with a difference. Image via

That’s not a problem with disposable cups but if you have to ship ceramic or china mugs it can be a major issue.
Our friends at Blacknight Solutions asked us to create packaging for some promotional mugs they wanted to distribute. This is usually a simple task of creating a box shape and cutting a circle in the centre.
Having created their horses head logo previously, we thought it would be interesting to incorporate it into the packaging design. The shape was cut from a block of expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) using one of our computer controlled hot-wire cutting machines. We used blackĀ  polystyrene foam for most of this project, we had to with a name like Blacknight. The result was a custom packaging solution that protects the mug and promotes their brand in one simple step. It seems that Blacknight also liked our idea too.
It good to be able to offer a creative solution to a problem, but this next item is where a young computer animator had a problem and he solved it creatively.

Styrofoam cups used to create unique art item

Styrofoam cups used to create unique art items

Waiting for friends and killing time in a coffee shop, Cheeming Boey started to doodle on the only item close by, a styrofoam coffee cup. “When you’re bored, you tend to experiment.” he said. Using a sharpie, a brand of felt tip marker pen, he produces amazing images using dots and lines. He has develop a growing number of differents styles as his cups have become increasingly popular. His work is displayed in galleries and exhibitions with his creations selling from $120 – $220.
Not a bad price for a unique piece of art but it’s certainly pricey if it’s for a coffee to go!