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Category Archives: Polystyrene Uses

Expanded polystyrene video on “How it’s made”

In an earlier post, many readers commented that they would like to see a video on how polystyrene is produced. Here we have insight into the whole process. I welcome any comments you may have after seeing the video. One of my first impressions, years ago, was surprise by the size of the moulded blocks [...]

Off the beaten track, to winning on the Racetrack.

This post has just a tenuous link to polystyrene and more to do with the interest I have in motorsport. So why include it then? Well, beside the small polystyrene connection, there are a couple of international good news stories and we have had very few of them recently. I think it would be safe [...]

Inflation and running a muck

We are not economic commentators or political pundits, as there are plenty of them around at the moment, but what we do know is that we need inflation – and large scale inflation at that. Well, we did for this particular project. Dena, from Kick Communications, approached us to create a giant phone for their [...]

The Berlin Wall, Dominos, and Styrofoam.

These aren’t the words that you have include in a sentence to win a holiday competition, although it could be a very worthwhile idea for travel companies providing city breaks to Berlin. The ‘Festival of Freedom‘ was recently launched to celebrate the 20th anniversary year of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Events are planned [...]

Gone to the races

No, we haven’t gone to Cheltenham this week, as we prefer the spinning of wheels to the gallop of hooves in the racing that we watch (we also prefer more than 1 horsepower). That isn’t to say we don’t have an interest in horses – we do, but it’s more in what they wear. Let [...]

Make the Big Switch to…

Bord Gáis Energy now intend to supply both Natural Gas and Electricity to householders and businesses alike with the launch of their “The Big Switch” campaign. They guarantee that householders can save a minimum of 10% on their electricity bills, compared with ESB, and invite people to switch energy suppliers using website. Working with [...]

To make a blog

Today, we were making blogs – not writing them, not thinking about the content, not putting one together and thinking it’s great only to delete it the next day. No; today, we were making them. So how do you make one, if you don’t write one? Well, it’s quite simple. We choose a font and [...]

4 Styrofoam horse heads and a hosting company

No, this isn’t the title of a Hollywood blockbuster movie, but an unexpected hit: the connection between Made in Hollywood and Blacknight Solutions. Let me explain. I sent 4 horse heads to Michele Neylon of Blacknight Solutions to replicate their logo. He hadn’t seen our work previously, so he  didn’t know what to expect. This [...]

What the heck are you blogging about?

Blogs, Blogging and Blogger… what’s it all about? To start with, I don’t know, as I have only been writing small, and hopefully interesting polystyrene-related articles since January. The name blog is a shortened version of web log and is a on-line journal or diary where people post entries about their personal experiences, hobbies or [...]

Polystyrene coffee cups… another use

Polystyrene or Styrofoam is a material that people often recognise and one of its most popular applications is as a humble coffee cup. It’s, therefore, interesting to see such a familiar item used in a creative way. Tara Donovan creates unexpected sculptures out of everyday items – cups, pencils, buttons, tape and toothpicks. The undulating [...]