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Category Archives: Polystyrene Uses

Keeping afloat

It’s Friday evening, it’s been a long, wet week, and we are all looking forward to spending some time at home with our family and friends. But spare a thought for the Cuban man who constructed this boat to enable him to flee to the United States. U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents discovered him [...]

Slowly going MAD

I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that we are going mad, mad, mad. It’s nothing to do with the 12 week recess of our government, or the on going banking crisis and NAMA repercussions. No, we are going chocolate mad, even the land is turning to chocolate… It is, if you believe the new [...]

Back to the drawing board

The first spark of an idea or that sudden light-bulb moment usually involves scribbling a sketch and writing it down somewhere. Whether it’s a creative drawing or inventive concept we like to put pen to paper, to make sure we don’t loose the train of thought. This is the the beginning of design and many [...]

For the Want of a Tree Surgeon

OK, where am I going with this? It looks like it’s going to be a be a heck of a leap from expanded polystyrene foam to a tree surgeon, but there is a link, a video and hopefully a bit of a story too. I’d better get started… Weedle is an online service that allows [...]

Bottling it

Some people are afraid of it, some are just ignorant of it and others want to measure it … Social Media. Whether it’s blogging, Facebook or Twitter, there are various way to publish, inform and communicate to your friends, your customers and to the world, about absolutely everything and anything. It does sound quite intimidating, [...]

iFoam Football

With the World cup fast approaching, there will be many Irish football fans wondering what they can do to pass the time after their dreams of a World Cup trip to South Africa were scuppered by the hand of  Thierry Henry (boo, hiss). Yes, they will watch the world cup matches and wonder whether they [...]

Apple iPad following our trend

It has arrived. The Apple iPad, no, that’s old news now. The media hype surrounding its launch has been disappointing, with many journalists and industry experts commenting that there is nothing really innovative about the device, and that it is just a super-sized version of the iPhone. Well, we do have something new and innovative, [...]

National Chocolate Day

When you take away the religious element of Easter Sunday, you could be forgiven for thinking that the day is devoted to the consumption and worship of all things chocolate. The major brands, like Nestle, Cadburys and Mars, and the smaller artisan chocolatiers all do their best to get their products onto the shelves so that we can savour [...]

St.Patrick meets St.Yrofoam

St. Patricks day has been and gone for another year but St.Yrofoam (the lesser-known patron saint of  extruded polystyrene) was present to help celebrate and decorate the Irish public holiday. St.Yrofoam, or Styrofoam, as she is known to her followers, is widely used at themed events to make props, signs, masks, floats and costumes. She [...]

The R.O.I.

The ROI acronym has something to do with  “Return on Investment” and it is based in the “Republic of Ireland”, but the ROI in this blog post is to do with the Role of Insulation. So now that I’ve broken the ice, I will continue, and things will hopefully become a little clearer. ‘Breaking the [...]