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Category Archives: Marketing related

The answer is ‘Polystyrene’

Social Media never ceases to amaze me, it can be a link to an interesting site or to something completely random. The flow of information, news and conversation is constant and endless. I asked a question on twitter late yesterday evening (Thursday) and was quite surprised at the number of responses I received, considering it [...]

A perfect mix.

Mixing business and pleasure can be a tricky task, some people would frown upon it whilst others would encourage it, all I can say is that from my point of view it has worked out very well. Those who read this blog or follow me on twitter may realise that I have an interest in [...]

A Dragons’ Den appearance is the easy part

Facing the cameras and pitching your ideas to the ‘Dragons’ must be quite an unnerving experience, particularly if you haven’t practised your presentation or if you’re unsure of your figures. However, the business people and entrepreneurs that appear on the programme face even bigger challenges in getting their businesses up and running. Sometimes that challenge [...]

Shaved to perfection

“It started with a simple tweet…” That is precisely how this story starts, if anybody still doubts the power of social media. Will King, the founder of The King of Shaves company, was a guest speaker at the Content is King Conference held in the RDS in November of last year. He had enquired about [...]

An open book telling a ‘Brilliant’ story

‘Brilliant,’ by Roddy Doyle is a fun and uplifting story about banishing the depression over Dublin and getting the city’s funny bone back. This short story is very appropriate for the times we live in and was used as the inspiration for the Parade to honour Dublin’s designation as UNESCO City of Literature.  Community groups, [...]

Making the News

We love that we are asked to create some pretty cool props and 3D signs. We like the way we can make a couple of million Euro before lunchtime, very handy when our country is in recession, but it isn’t much use when it’s made from polystyrene. We like that we’ve tried making Time even [...]

Going Places with a Facebook Icon

There’s an app for this and an app for that, in our house there’s even a napp, my wife not quite hearing “an app” from a quick-talking friend. An app, or application, is a program designed to run on your mobile device, usually a mobile phone. With most modern phones having GPS capabilities, some of [...]

Time to face up to Facebook

It has taken a little while but we finally have a page on Facebook. The staff at Channelship, a web agency based in Dublin and London, made a video with ideas how we could use social media to market our company. They have helped us to realise that the projects that we work on are [...]

Our reception is out of this world

With the imminent launch of the latest Apple iPhone4 onto the Irish market and amidst rumours of poor reception and phone calls being dropped, we thought we would instigate our own study before we released our new iFoam4 mobile phone prop. We made a decision to forgo the engineering experimentation in our R&D workshops and [...]

Slowly going MAD

I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that we are going mad, mad, mad. It’s nothing to do with the 12 week recess of our government, or the on going banking crisis and NAMA repercussions. No, we are going chocolate mad, even the land is turning to chocolate… It is, if you believe the new [...]