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Category Archives: Extended Portfolio

Gone to the races

No, we haven’t gone to Cheltenham this week, as we prefer the spinning of wheels to the gallop of hooves in the racing that we watch (we also prefer more than 1 horsepower). That isn’t to say we don’t have an interest in horses – we do, but it’s more in what they wear. Let [...]

Make the Big Switch to…

Bord Gáis Energy now intend to supply both Natural Gas and Electricity to householders and businesses alike with the launch of their “The Big Switch” campaign. They guarantee that householders can save a minimum of 10% on their electricity bills, compared with ESB, and invite people to switch energy suppliers using website. Working with [...]

To make a blog

Today, we were making blogs – not writing them, not thinking about the content, not putting one together and thinking it’s great only to delete it the next day. No; today, we were making them. So how do you make one, if you don’t write one? Well, it’s quite simple. We choose a font and [...]

4 Styrofoam horse heads and a hosting company

No, this isn’t the title of a Hollywood blockbuster movie, but an unexpected hit: the connection between Made in Hollywood and Blacknight Solutions. Let me explain. I sent 4 horse heads to Michele Neylon of Blacknight Solutions to replicate their logo. He hadn’t seen our work previously, so he  didn’t know what to expect. This [...]

Somewhere over the rainbow.

The colours in the familiar children’s “I can sing a Rainbow” song are “red and yellow and pink and green, orange and purple and blue.” You may also remember the tune. However, this song is a little misleading, as the colours of the rainbow that Isaac Newton originally named only had five primary colours: red, [...]

Arnie Comes In From the Cold

Arnie is the nickname we gave to an 8′ foot high hand sculpted snowman that we created for Arnotts department store, in Dublin. Last year he sat cross-legged above the heads of shoppers on a canopy at the front of the Henry Street store, as part of the “Magic of Christmas” promotion. He endured wind, [...]

As Seen On TV

Yes, we can now use this cringe-worthy cliché yet again, as the letters we created for “Class Act” are on full display on the set of RTE’s Sunday evening programme. Working with Sideline, a TV and DVD production company, we created the large-scale 3D letters from polystyrene foam. Unusually, they were left in their original [...]