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Category Archives: Art & Sculpture

We all make mistakes, don’t we?

I haven’t met a person yet who hasn’t made a mistake, whether in business, or on a personal level. Some mistakes are ones that were extremely embarrassing, and you wished the ground had swallowed you up. Others involved following a hunch, convinced that you were right but for one reason or another, it didn’t work [...]

Snowman vs. Foam-man?

We might be lucky to get snow this year here in Ireland. I did see a slight dusting recently on one cold morning, on the Cooley mountains. Our workshop has a view of the mountains and when covered in snow they can look very picturesque, but it is still very early in the year to [...]

Polystyrene my Ride

The title of this blog post would never be used for a TV programme as it flows off your tongue like sandpaper on butter – You would need to have a snappy title like Top Gear, Pimp my ride or Xccelerate. Xccelerate is new to Irish television and is the only motoring programme that is [...]

Coffee to go

This is going to be a caffeine fuelled post and it’s not because I’ve been drinking espresso’s all afternoon. I am going to try and write about three coffee related items and show how they are linked to polystyrene. That would be enough to drive anyone to coffee, so we might as well make it [...]

Mac book packaging creates design highlight

Many people would agree, I think, that Apple creates products that are both functional and easy on the eye, whether it be the Iphone, Ipod or the latest aluminium chassis Mac Book. It’s not difficult to see as they pay attention to every detail, this extends as far as the packaging that the products comes [...]

Nevermind Transformers, the Styrobots are here!

The launch of the second Transformers film ‘Revenge of the fallen’ is upon us, starring Shia Lebeouf (Sam Witwicky) and Megan Fox (Mikaela Banes) and featuring a cast of computer-generated Autobots and Decepticons, which are giant transforming robots / machines. The Decepticons did attempt, in the original film, to take control of the earth but [...]

The Berlin Wall, Dominos, and Styrofoam.

These aren’t the words that you have include in a sentence to win a holiday competition, although it could be a very worthwhile idea for travel companies providing city breaks to Berlin. The ‘Festival of Freedom‘ was recently launched to celebrate the 20th anniversary year of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Events are planned [...]

Polystyrene coffee cups… another use

Polystyrene or Styrofoam is a material that people often recognise and one of its most popular applications is as a humble coffee cup. It’s, therefore, interesting to see such a familiar item used in a creative way. Tara Donovan creates unexpected sculptures out of everyday items – cups, pencils, buttons, tape and toothpicks. The undulating [...]