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September 28, 2008 – 12:48 pm

Blown Away

- Posted in Polystyrene Uses by Fran

Concorde Engine

Scale model of a Concorde Engine

The amount of information available on the internet these days is amazing, but finding the correct information quickly is a constant problem. Google seems to be the default search engine for the past decade or so, but they have a number of additional strings to their bow to make it easier to find new or obscure articles. One of these strings include “Google Alerts”: a service which notifies the user about the latest web and news items related to their search via e-mail. I receive a number of alerts and one, in particular, is related to polystyrene. Occasionally, I get an article that grabs my attention.

The image above, which came from a feature on Creative Review, is of a full scale model of a jet engine that once powered Concorde. It is on display in Selfridge’s window on Oxford Street, in London.

Postlerferguson, are a design firm, who created the model using just a maintenance manual purchased on Ebay for £6, a lot of styrofoam, paper and glue; but also the time, skill and ingenuity required to make such any eye-catching display. It appears that the model is made from XPS (extruded polystyrene foam) and also, painted EPS (expanded polystyrene foam). Being lightweight adds to the floating illusion of the replica, something that you wouldn’t normally associate with the bulk of a jet engine. This is an excellent example of polystyrene’s versatility as a material, and how it can be used to create visual effects that would otherwise be difficult to achieve.