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Author Archives: Fran

Somewhere over the rainbow.

The colours in the familiar children’s “I can sing a Rainbow” song are “red and yellow and pink and green, orange and purple and blue.” You may also remember the tune. However, this song is a little misleading, as the colours of the rainbow that Isaac Newton originally named only had five primary colours: red, [...]

The 3 R’s circa 2009

In education circles, I was always told that the three R’s were Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. It is a little confusing, as only one of them starts with R! However, the 3 R’s changed to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: a concept that is easier to understand and implement, and one that we follow here at [...]

Seasons Greetings

Well that is nearly the end of the snowflakes, signs, icebergs and steam rooms  for another year and we are starting to look forward to 2009 and working on some more interesting projects. We have some new developments in the pipeline and hopefully some events that will involve you, the online community. We could like [...]

New Website Launched

Well, we’ve just launched our new website – We hope you like it and we welcome your comments on the design, layout, photos… anything really. Thanks for visiting.

Arnie Comes In From the Cold

Arnie is the nickname we gave to an 8′ foot high hand sculpted snowman that we created for Arnotts department store, in Dublin. Last year he sat cross-legged above the heads of shoppers on a canopy at the front of the Henry Street store, as part of the “Magic of Christmas” promotion. He endured wind, [...]

As Seen On TV

Yes, we can now use this cringe-worthy clichĂ© yet again, as the letters we created for “Class Act” are on full display on the set of RTE’s Sunday evening programme. Working with Sideline, a TV and DVD production company, we created the large-scale 3D letters from polystyrene foam. Unusually, they were left in their original [...]

Blown Away

The amount of information available on the internet these days is amazing, but finding the correct information quickly is a constant problem. Google seems to be the default search engine for the past decade or so, but they have a number of additional strings to their bow to make it easier to find new or [...]

Twists and Turns

Conversation is like being on journey with no map or ‘Sat Nav’, you just don’t know where you may end up. The “journey” in question was a meeting with our website designer, David Behan. It followed an recognised route (i.e. we discussed the design, layout and content of the website and I explained the properties [...]