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November 28, 2008 – 4:16 pm

Arnie Comes In From the Cold

- Posted in Extended Portfolio by Fran

Arnie, the Snowman

Arnie, the Snowman

Arnie is the nickname we gave to an 8′ foot high hand sculpted snowman that we created for Arnotts department store, in Dublin. Last year he sat cross-legged above the heads of shoppers on a canopy at the front of the Henry Street store, as part of the “Magic of Christmas” promotion. He endured wind, rain and freezing temperatures, but being made from Styrofoam he was very well insulated and able to cope with rigours of an Irish winter.

This year he is to be found in a very laid back position, being in one of the window displays that attract Christmas shoppers on this busy thoroughfare. Maybe this is a reflection of his growing celebrity status as he was photographed for an article in the Irish Times. It could be interesting to see where the paparazzi will find him next year after his previous high flying and nights on the roof exploits.

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