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Monthly Archives: March 2010

St.Patrick meets St.Yrofoam

St. Patricks day has been and gone for another year but St.Yrofoam (the lesser-known patron saint of  extruded polystyrene) was present to help celebrate and decorate the Irish public holiday. St.Yrofoam, or Styrofoam, as she is known to her followers, is widely used at themed events to make props, signs, masks, floats and costumes. She [...]

The R.O.I.

The ROI acronym has something to do with  “Return on Investment” and it is based in the “Republic of Ireland”, but the ROI in this blog post is to do with the Role of Insulation. So now that I’ve broken the ice, I will continue, and things will hopefully become a little clearer. ‘Breaking the [...]