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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Going ape for Styrofoam bananas ??

The recession must be hitting hard in America as people are turning to desperate measures to make ends meet. But we can’t understand the logic behind this gorilla-suited woman stealing display bananas made from Styrofoam. No, it’s not an April fool prank but something very weird and unusual. (Via Fox11 online) So why would you [...]

Polystyrene protection at 180mph

Polystyrene or Styrofoam is often most recognisable when it is used as a packaging material, whether it be for fast food containers or moulded protective pieces around DVD players and other electrical goods. It is widely-used because it is lightweight, inexpensive and can act as a shock absorber and insulator. Some of these properties may [...]

A ‘Back to the Future’ solution for Polystyrene recycling.

Humankind: an amazing species that has evolved over millions of years from simple and humble beginnings into highly developed mammals. So how did we do it? Well one way is by using our senses to discover new foods, places, using tools and implements. Evolution, however, isn’t problem free e.g. poisonous mushrooms; how did we know [...]

Expanded polystyrene video on “How it’s made”

In an earlier post, many readers commented that they would like to see a video on how polystyrene is produced. Here we have insight into the whole process. I welcome any comments you may have after seeing the video. One of my first impressions, years ago, was surprise by the size of the moulded blocks [...]