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About Made In Hollywood

Made in Hollywood is an award-winning company, that works predominately with polystyrene foams which allows our clients a high degree of design flexibility. We bring your ideas to life!

Company History

Our company is young and enthusiastic, and our aim is to assist clients by providing them with innovative and alternative solutions to overcome design obstacles. We are constantly exploring and testing new machinery, software and materials to aid us in producing items of the highest quality.


We are one of the few companies of its kind servicing organisations and individuals in Ireland, the UK and Europe. We are based in the North-East of Ireland and located, conveniently, on the motorway network allowing us to deliver quickly to our clients with tight deadlines.

The Team

Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff are keen to consult with their clients in order to make them aware of the design possibilities associated with polystyrene foam. Our highly skilled team can design, construct and sculpt items to meet the brief from the customer, whether this be a CAD drawing, a computer visualisation, or a scale 3D sculpted model.


Our modern workshop contains computer-controlled machines that have the capability to cut blocks of foam into virtually any shape or size. It is equipped to cope with the associated fabrication (i.e. metal/wooden support structures) needed for certain assignments. This allows us to complete many projects in-house rather than having our client outsource other companies.